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Category: Admin Announcement

Site Is Currently On Hiatus


Tomorrow I have to have eye surgery so I’m putting all of my fansites on temporary hiatus until my eye has healed enough to work online again. As soon as I return, I will update everything that I’m missing!


Update 2/19: I have to have another surgery tomorrow so the site is back on hiatus. I am going to try to update the gallery today and will update everything else when I return!

Celebrating SIX Years Online

Since the site has been open, I’ve added just over 50,000 photos to the gallery and they’ve had over 172K views. The site has 600 posts and has been visited 8.5 million times. In 2010-2012, I had two auctions and raised $5500 from the fans that was donated to the LA Mission. And all of this was done with the help of Aldis’ fans. Thank you so much for your support.

Here is the video that was created by Inspired Looney to celebrate the opening.

Happy Belated Birthday!

I’m so sorry this is late. I’ve lost track of the days! I wish Aldis the happiest of birthdays! Technically its still his birthday in CA. Does that count? lol





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