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Angels for Aldis

When I realized how close we were to Christmas, I  started racking my brain trying to decide what we should do as a gift from us and the fans. I realized that if we spent money on him, he’d probably prefer a donation made to a charity than an actual gift. I knew the LA Mission was a very important charity to him, very close to his heart. But I also talked to his mom about which one and she agreed, the LA Mission would be the best charity.

Here’s how it’s going to work. We’ll take both cash donations and allow bidding on auction items that will be an auction on a LiveJournal Community Angels for Aldis. on this website! Since I know Christmas is a tough time for people to be giving away money, I’m going to collect money through January 10th. On Christmas, I’ll let Aldis know what we’re doing and how much money we’ve collected so far, including the estimated amount from the auctions.

All auctions will end on December 24. But the money can be paid through January 10th.

Right now however, I need everyone to let me know what if anything they’re willing to donate time or a craft of some kind to be auctioned off. It can be a fan creation: fan video, a fan fiction, beta’ing, graphics or a material item (handmade crafts, collectible items, etc). Ms. Hodge has been kind enough to send me some signed stuff to auction as well as helping me work on the BIG auction item. 🙂 That’s a secret for now but it’s going to be something ya’ll will want!

Questions? Post to this thread or email to admin@aldis-hodge.com. See the next post to offer up an item or service to be auctioned off. I’ll take offers until December 7th at midnight EST. I’ll post the various auctions on December 8th before midnight EST.

This button is ONLY for donations to the Angels for Aldis fund and payments of auctions after they close. 100% of that money will be donated to the LA Mission in his name.
This is not for any merchandise or toward the web hosting costs of the website.


Mission Statement:

The Los Angeles Mission exists to provide help, hope, and opportunity to men, women and children in need.

Core Values – Distinctives of the Los Angeles Mission

  1. We believe that all services provided to those in need should be done so in love, offering hope, mercy and compassion.
  2. We believe that personal spiritual transformation occurs from strong Christian discipleship, equipping and training.
  3. We believe that addictions can be overcome through prayer, medical treatment and deep abiding healthy relationships.
  4. We believe that homelessness is a temporary condition that, when desired, can be overcome with personal healing, educational assistance, housing and employment.

Vision Statement

The Los Angeles Mission strives to be a world leader among missions that provides for the poor, restores the addicted, and eliminates homelessness.

We see each individual as a spiritual person of worth and dignity and worthy of assistance in their journey. Our vision it to see individuals and families set free from addictions and homelessness, transformed by God to become physically and spiritually healthy; educationally equipped to participate in society and sustain housing; and encouraged to relationships of love and service to others.

We seek to help those who have been abused and neglected to find a better life. We seek to help those that have become addicted to understand their addictions, to expect physical healing and to live in ways that are healthy to soul, mind and body.


Post the banner below to direct people to this post on our webpage.


Aldis’ Birthday!!!

Aldis’ birthday is fast approaching (September 20th). I’m trying to get something special together for him but I need help from his fans. Since there is a possibility he will see this and I want it to be a surprise, I’m not going to post it on the page so email me at admin@aldis-hodge.com if you want to participate!

Want to ask Aldis a question?

Commented on the other post about the Black Screen Pic interview!


Also please promote the following contest.

The first two callers who get trought this # 559-943-1454 at exactly 3pm eastern time tomorrow. They will have the chance to ask a question to aldis hodge live on a conference call.

CONTEST and Gallery Update


We’ll be having a contest next week with great prizes from Gold Label and the Aldis Hodge Online Exclusive collection of dog tags and shot glasses. More information will announced be this weekend! Stay Tuned!!!

Click below to go to the updated galleries

Leverage > Season 3 > HQ Episode Stills
HQ Episode Pictures from The King George Job

Leverage Renewed for Season 4!!!


The heist show starring Timothy Hutton has been growing its audience this summer by 60%

By CARL CORTEZ, Contributing Editor
Published 7/30/2010


THE SKINNY: It’s good news for fans of the TNT series’ LEVERAGE – it’s been renewed for another season set to air in 2011.

That means 15 more episodes of the hit heist show which airs Sunday nights at 9/8c.

“TNT has enjoyed tremendous success on Sunday and Monday nights with LEVERAGE, THE CLOSER and RIZZOLI & ISLES,” says Michael Wright, executive vice president and head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM).  “All three shows feature terrific casts, sharp writing and top-notch production teams.  We look forward to continued success with new seasons in 2011.”

LEVERAGE stars Academy Award® winner Timothy Hutton (ORDINARY PEOPLE), Gina Bellman (COUPLING), Christian Kane (TNT’s INTO THE WEST), Beth Riesgraf (ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS) and Aldis Hodge (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) and follows the adventures of a highly skilled team out to settle scores against those who use power and wealth to victimize others.

LEVERAGE is currently averaging 4.1 million viewers in its third season, showing growth among young adult demos when compared to the second season.  The series boasts a loyal following, as indicated by its strong performance in time-shifted viewing.  For the first five episodes this summer, LEVERAGE has grown its total audience by 60% when compared to live viewing (33% compared to Live + Same Day).  The growth is particularly strong among key demos, with adults 18-34 rising 101% vs. Live (45% vs. Live + Same Day); adults 18-49 up 77% vs. Live (41% vs. Live + Same Day); and adults 25-54 rising 72% vs. Live (39% vs. Live + Same Day).

LEVERAGE is executive-produced by Dean Devlin (INDEPENDENCE DAY, TNT’s THE LIBRARIAN trilogy) and creators John Rogers (TRANSFORMERS) and Chris Downey (THE KING OF QUEENS).  The series is produced for TNT by Devlin’s Electric Entertainment.

Source: IF Magazine


Aldis – Top 7 & The VRO Interview!!

So okay I asked Aldis Hodge on The VRO interview if we could start doing a Top 7 on here. ‘Cause Kane does a Top 5 so Aldis needs to do Top 7!  And he agreed! So this entry is where you should leave your suggestions and Ladies *try* to keep it clean lol Every week I’ll post a place to make suggestions and then I’ll compile them and send them to Aldis to do them when he gets time.

So let it rip!

Also the very awesome The VRO podcast is posted in our gallery- HERE. Please show some love to this site. Those ladies totally rock. http://www.thevro.com  I’ll be posting an affiliates link up tomorrow!

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