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This is Me: Aldis Hodge – Zooey Magazine Interview

This is Me: Aldis Hodge

Aldis Hodge, Zooey Magazine

Name: Aldis Hodge

Age: 26 | Occupation: Actor, “Leverage


Although he is best known as Alec Hardison on TNT’s crime series “Leverage” (which sadly ended in December), Aldis Hodge has a mysterious appeal which makes us want to learn more about him. Plus, we already featured his brother who is also an actor!

Are there any characteristics of Alec’s that apply to you in real life? Or do you see yourself as a completely different person?

I am very much a completely different person, however Alec and I do share similar taste in sarcasm as well as a knack for wanting to do the right thing for people.

What about the more artistic side of Aldis? What kind of work do you produce as an artist and where do you hope to go with it?

I produce abstract paintings on canvases that I usually build and stretch myself. I hope to have them hanging in a gallery like LACMA or MOCA one day.

Last year we got the wonderful opportunity to also interview your brother, Edwin. Can you tell us, from your perspective, what it’s like being in the same industry as him? Have you two ever worked together, or is there a line between business and family?

We started off working together with print, “Sesame Street,” “Showboat” on Broadway, “Die Hard With a Vengeance”… the list goes on. He even did an episode of “Leverage.” This business has always been a family affair and will always continue to be.

When you’re not so busy on set, what do you give your time to? Any favorite hobbies or guilty pleasures?

Most of my time is spent designing watches, focusing on building an horology company, or trying to develop new tv or film productions.

If you had one day of complete freedom, what would you choose to do? Where would you go and with whom would you share it with, if anybody?

I get those days pretty often, most of which I simply choose to be lazy. But the other times I just kick it with my lady or my family.

Now we know you dipped your feet into acting since you were very young and have been occupied with that since then, but is there another skill you’ve always wanted to try or pickup?

As far as this industry goes, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Now if only I could conquer my procrastination problem I might actually get there.

Aldis Hodge, Zooey Magazine

Because you were involved so early in age, you must have numerous accounts of experiences. Can you recall any that you just absolutely loved, or thought, “Whew, glad that’s over”?

I loved the entire “Leverage” experience, “Showboat,” and “Sesame Street” the most because they were all the most fertile teaching grounds for me during a time when I was often oblivious to the lessons until they snuck up on me. On the flip side, I recall a few auditions that I couldn’t wait to get done with. Dealing with rude casting directors is such a journey.

Do you see yourself continuing in this field, or do you have other goals you wish to pursue?

I’ve always said that I’m going to probably die in a director’s chair at 105 years old! I will always be in this business, but, that being said, this business is just one small facet of proof of my potential. I am much more beyond just this and I plan to explore as much of myself as possible (e.g. my pursuit of building watches, architecture, car design, jet design, etc…)

Is there any role you dream of playing, whether the role has already been played or is created by yourself?

I’ve always wanted to play a comic book character, but now that I’ve shot my new pilot called “The Sixth Gun” based off the graphic novel of the same title I can say that I have. Next thing on my list is to save the world from aliens or terrorists.

If you could go back in time, would you give yourself as a child any piece of advice on what to expect or what not to expect?

Practice patience, finish all of what you start, and keep promises to yourself.

Interview by Stephanie Kim

Photography by Vince Trupsin
Grooming by Angie Miller

“This is Me” is a self-styled online editorial featured exclusively on ZooeyMagazine.com

Source: Zooey Magazine

Leverage Star Aldis Hodge: Sofia Vergara is the Hottest Woman on TV!

Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 10:30 AM ET

Leverage Star Aldis Hodge: Sofia Vergara is the Hottest Woman on TV!

In this week’s Star Review, Leverage star Aldis Hodge explains why Sofia Vergara is the hottest woman on TV, what TV shows he can’t miss, and more!

Who’s hot on TV:
“Sofia Vergara. Face, figure, accent, talent…’nuff said.”

The TV shows I can’t miss:
“I’m pretty stuck on Iron Chef and Chopped. I love the culinary world, and I enjoy seeing those people create edible art.”

The best movie I’ve seen lately:
“Avengers. It was exciting and funny when you’d least expect it. If only they’d introduce an Avenger in the sequel named Black Panther. I know the perfect actor to play him — hint, hint!”
Aldis stars on TNT’s Leverage, returning July 15 at 8 p.m.

Photo credit: TNT
Source: Life & Style Magazine

Aldis Hodge Wants To Lead Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER

The latest actor to express interest in Marvel Studios’ imminent adaptation of The Black Panther, is Leveragestar Aldis Hodge. Also stating his qualities for the role, check it out after the jump!

DCMarvelFreshman – 6/23/2012

Since news broke that Marvel Studios’ 2014 Captain America sequel may be followed by a big-screen adaptation of The Black Panther, potential T’Challa contenders have been modestly campaigning for the King of Wakanda. Via Examiner, the latest is actor Aldis Hodge. When asked if he favored a comic book series, Hodge replied:

“Growing up I was a fan of Black Panther and X-Men comic books. I was also a huge Batman fan. There’s recently been a little buzz online about Marvel pushing for Black Panther, and I’ve been in love with the idea for years. I want the fans to know that the one role I really want to play is Black Panther. I grew up loving the Marvel world, and grew up on martial arts. I still train. When Black Panther came around, he was almost like an African American Batman.”

Aldis Hodge, 25, is best known for his Alec Hardison role on the TNT Leverage TV series, which landed him a Saturn Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Television. He has also appeared in Supernatural among many shows. And he currently has two films, The East and Lives of the Saints, in production. What do you think?

Created by writer-editor Stan Lee & penciller-co-plotter Jack Kirby, “The Black Panther” (T’Challa) first appeared in “Fantastic Four #52,” and is the first black superhero in mainstream American comics. Back in January of 2011, Hollywood trades revealed that documentary writer Mark Bailey (“Ghosts of Abu Ghraib”) was hired to pen a live-action screenplay focused on the Wakandan king, for Marvel Studios. And recent claims indicate that “The Black Panther” adaptation could officiate Walt Disney Pictures’ currently-untitled June 27, 2014 release date.

Source: Comic Book Movie

And The Next Marvel Movie Might Be Straight Outta Wakanda! THE BLACK PANTHER

According to the usually reliable, Latino Review, the next standalone Marvel film after Captain America 2 will be The Black Panther.

With a screenplay by Mark Bailey, the film would represent a serious effort by Disney/Marvel Studios to go after the urban market.

The character, who first appeared in 1966, was one of the first prominent African-American heroes in comics.  Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, The Black Panther was actually T’Challa, King of the African nation of Wakanda, and has superior senses and abilities.  Wakanda is also the Earth’s only source of Vibranium, a rare element with near indestructible properties.  Both Wakanda and Vibranium have been already mentioned in previous Marvel films (Iron Man 2 and Captain America: The First Avenger, respectively).

Wesley Snipes was attached to the project almost two decades ago, and over the years, Djimon Hounsou and Chiwetel Ejiofor have all been mentioned to be “in discussions for the role.”

Other potential actors could include Idris Elba, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Anthony Mackie, Aldis Hodge,  Derek Luke, David Oyelowo or Latino Review’s pick, Nate Parker.

Who do you think would do the role justice?


Source: Forces of Geek

Click on the link to Forces of Geek and tell them Aldis Hodge!

Aldis Hodge Feeling the Leverage Love Here, and Over There

Aldis Hodge TNT photo


Leverage” costar Aldis Hodge, fresh back from London and the first “Leverage” convention in the U.K., still sounds somewhat awed by the fan interaction there.

“I know it sounds a little weird, but there was this woman who made these really awesome dolls of everyone in the cast — hand-stitched and everything. It shows the kind of time and dedication people devote to this show,” he says.   Did she capture him? “I don’t know if she captured me, but she definitely captured Hardison,” he answers, referring to his character.

There were also funny moments. Hodge relates that he and his mom were in an elevator when a fan told him he had a voice “like dark melted chocolate.” Also, “There was a little four-year-old girl who drew a picture for me. That was pretty cool. That had to be my favorite thing,” he says.

“Leverage” continues to be hugely popular at home, too. With its fifth season already assured, he reports that the team will go back to work in March.

Meanwhile,  Hodge says he likes the occasional departure episodes the series creators have been throwing into the mix this season — including the recent “The Office Job” that borrowed style elements from “The Office” comedy, and the current “Girls Night Out Job”/”Boys Night Out Job” two-parter that ends Sunday (12/18).

“You know, it’s always a risk. I hope the audience loves it, or loves us enough to stay loyal,” he says. “You’ve got to play it year by year. I enjoy taking risks and breaking away now and then.”

Assignment X Exclusive Interview with Aldis

Exclusive Interview: Aldis Hodge gets LEVERAGE for Season 4 He talks about the new season and the return of Sterling (Mark Sheppard)


By CARL CORTEZ / Contributing Editor
Posted: August 27th, 2011 / 02:42 PM

Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf in LEVERAGE - Season 4 - "The Van Gogh Job" | ©2011 TNTAldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf in LEVERAGE – Season 4 – “The Van Gogh Job” | ©2011 TNT

As LEVERAGE wraps up the summer portion of Season 4 (with a return of regular antagonist Jim Sterling played by Mark Sheppard), ASSIGNMENT X chatted with star Aldis Hodge who plays hacker Hardison on the series.

Throughout the course of the TNT series, Hardison has went from wise-cracking loner to someone who is finally accepting that he’s part of a team. He also has feelings for the somewhat closes off Parker (Beth Riesgraf) which has been gaining some traction the past couple of seasons.

Here’s what Hodge had to say about the latest developments.

ASSIGNMENT X:  So Sterling is finally back.

ALDIS HODGE: Yes, Sterling comes back to play in this episode and the team travels to Dubai for this grand chess tournament to take on some terrorists that are in Dubai for a completely different reason. We’re shaking things up in Dubai – doing our Leverage shtick how we do and we’re having fun.

AX: Have enjoyed the different characters you’ve played this season?

HODGE: I loved “The Van Gogh Job” where I got to play an entirely different person. It’s narrated through Danny Glover’s character and they show us being the character’s he’s telling the story about and I play him as a character. So it’s not Hardison pretending to be someone, it’s playing Danny Glover’s character. That was cool, because we had to truly step outside of ourselves and be something different and Beth did an amazing job. She has this whole accent from the ‘40s, because that was time frame we were in. And Gina, Tim and Christian all were amazing as well. We aren’t our characters, so that was interesting to watch.

For the complete article – click here: Assignment X

Aldis Hodge: Hard Working ‘Hacker’ of Leverage

Interview: Aldis Hodge: Hard Working ‘Hacker’ of Leverage
by R.J. Carter
Published: August 22, 2011

—>When Aldis Hodge auditioned for the role of Leverage uber-hacker, Alec Hardison, it was important to him that the character portrayal was non-stereotypical, an African-American who was not just smart, but very smart and savvy. Creators John Rogers and Chris Downey were equally impressed with the (then) 21-year-old actor’s delivery, which rivals Eddie Murphy’s “48 Hours” performance.

As we count down to the summer finale for Leverage (August 28 on TNT), we borrowed a few moments of Hodge’s time to talk about his character and the forward momentum of the series.

Was there a moment when you realized that this series was really going to go somewhere?

No, I still haven’t hit that moment. I’m still surprised every time we get a season. Just recently we found out we got picked up for a fifth, and I was very surprised. I’m very confident in what we do, but I’ve been in this business a long time — I’ve been in acting since I was three — so I kind of play more to the experience [that] no matter how great you are, no matter how quality your show is, you never know the outcome. It can go any way. You can’t really be too sure. I mean, there are so many great projects out there that never see the light of day that get canned after two seasons, or one season, just because you really can’t factor in all the variables of audience perception and what networks are thinking — and the higher up it goes, the more political it gets.

So there’s too many factors. I’m still not at that comfortable place where I’m like, “Oh yeah, I’m on a hit show!” I’m confident — but I’m not there yet. I’m still very much surprised and appreciative every time it happens. Continue reading >

Hodge Enjoys Bad Guy Role

 Hodge Enjoys Bad Guy Role 
Written by Genea Webb   
Wednesday, 03 August 2011 09:03


Aldis Hodge loves playing bad guy Alec Hardison on the TNT drama, “Leverage.”“I have played the bad guy who has helped people and the whole nine,” explained Hodge, 24, who began his acting career at the age of three. “Now I’m playing a thief who steals back for the good guy in a peculiar way. We always have to play a character inside of a character. That kind of stuff is fun.”

THE GEEK—Aldis Hodges plays Alex Hardison.

Started at the end of 2008, “Leverage” centers’ around once loyal fraud investigator Nathan Ford, played by Timothy Hutton. Ford became disloyal to the insurance company after it refused to pay for experimental treatment that could have saved his son’s life. Due to his intricate knowledge of scams, Ford is recruited to join a team of talented criminals to steal back aeronautical plans that were supposedly stolen by a competitor.

Once the job is complete, Ford and his team are double crossed and are not paid for their work. Ford and his team members decide to create Leverage Consulting & Associates, fighting for people who were victimized by corporations or individuals with wealth and influence to avoid prosecution from the legal system.

Continue reading >