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Public AppearancesIn this section, you will find a huge collection of Aldis photos from various events, award shows, premieres, film festivals, after parties and more.
274 5,296
PhotoshootsIn this section, you will find a big collection of Aldis photos taken by professional photographers. This includes studio photo shoot sessions usually for magazines and portrait sessions.
59 367
Photos Shared by AldisIn this section, you will find photos that Aldis has shared with his fans via social networking. This also includes his own artwork. This doesn't include personal photos that were not shared with his fans.
2 149
UndergroundUnderground is the WGN Series by Misha Green and Joe Pokaski about the Underground Railroad. Aldis was one of the main cast members from 2016-?.
39 3,722
LeverageLeverage is the TNT Series by Dean Devlin, John Rogers, and Chris Downey. Aldis was one of five main cast members from 2008-2012
148 16,600
Television ProductionsIn this section you will find a huge collection of pics related to Aldis' reoccurring work on tv series "Friday Night Lights", "Supernatural", "Turn", and many others. This includes stills, promotional photo shoots, captures, filming candids and much more.
96 8,690
Film ProductionsIn this section, you will find a collection of Aldis photos related to his movies such as "The East", "The Tenants", "Red Sands", "Die Hard with a Vengeance", "A Good Day to Die Hard", "Straight Outta Compton", and others. This includes stills, promotional photo shoots, captures, posters, filming candids and much more.
34 1,713
Other ProductionsIn this section, you will find any productions such as Christian Kane's "The House Rules" Music Video and Taco Bell, State Farm, and Twinnings Commercials that Aldis has been in.
11 299
Magazines ScansIn this section you will find a collection of scans from various magazines featuring Aldis with photo sessions, in interviews with him, or reviews of his projects.
39 81
Fan Pics of AldisIn this section, you will find photos taken by fans of Aldis or with Aldis. Posted with owners permission only. Do not repost.
26 751
Fan CreationsIn this section, you will find icons and wallpapers created by the fans. This includes the Birthday and Christmas pictures and videos created for Aldis.
16 147
Media InterviewsIn this section, you will find an MP3 of an interview that Aldis did with Blog Talk Radio and the Aldis Hodge Online Admins.
1 2
ScreencapturesScreencaptures of Aldis doing interviews, appearing on talk shows, and conventions.
102 20,279
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