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Leverage: Hardison Hacks The Planet!

Actor Aldis Hodge talks to IGN about his character’s new Season 3 attitude, his favorite videogames and a groovy new con!

June 17, 2010

by Matt Fowler


Sunday, June 20th, at 9/8c marks Leverage‘s Season 3 premiere on TNT. Yes, Nate and the his crooked team of crazy thieves are back, but this time there’s a big problem. If you saw the excellent Season 2 finale, “The Maltese Falcon Job,” then you know Nate’s behind bars!!

In our quest to eventually speak to all of Team Leverage (you’re next Gina Bellman!), IGN TV had a chance to chat with the team’s hacker supreme, Hardison. Yes, actor Aldis Hodge told us that Hardison is apparently going to be more aggressive in his pursuit of Parker this season, but don’t let us spoil everything for you here. Check out what actor Aldis Hodge had to say about that, his character’s new attitude, his favorite videogames and his new favorite con!

IGN TV: What can we expect from Hardison this season?

Aldis Hodge: Hardison’s kind of got a bit of a new attitude this season. He’s still really fun and like to keep things light with his joking and laughing, but he’s got a bit more of a “take charge” attitude this time around. He still loves life, but his relationship with Nate has been strained because, as you saw in the Season 2 finale, Nate did a very brave thing for his team, but he also let them down a little bit and so they’ve lost some of the trust they once had in him.

IGN: How does Hardison treat Nate then afterwards?

Hodge: Hardison’s got more of a take charge ballsy attitude with Nate and trying to get him back in shape and he’s also got more of a ballsy attitude with his crush on Parker. It’s not all lovey-dovey puppy eyes anymore. It’s more like “hey, the ball’s in your court so if you want me come and get me.” He’s been given a little bit more direction this season and he’s being a little bit more firm about who he is and who he is to the team.

IGN: Would you consider yourself to be pretty computer-literate, like Hardison?

Hodge: I’m becoming computer savvy. More video game savvy and gear savvy really than anything. I design things and I watch architect stuff so I’m into that element, which then brings me to computers, but I’m still learning. Learning along the way. After three years you’d think I’d picked up something by now.

Hodge, as Hardison, practicing geometry.

IGN: You mentioned videogames. What games are you playing right now?

Hodge: I just picked up Red Dead Redemption. It’s kind of an addicting game. It’s actually pretty dope. I picked up Prince of Persia. My only complaint with that game is that I, like, finished it in two days. I’m still working on Final Fantasy. I love that. I’m a big fan of that series. I got Infamous which is actually a really fun game to play and I got the new UFC game and me and my brother do the online thing – with Call of Duty too. We’re big time into that series. We’re always going back and forth online. I’m up here, he’s in LA – because we shoot in Portland, Oregon – so we go back and forth and it’s pretty cool, man.

IGN: Tease us a little. What’s been your favorite new con this season?

Hodge: Well, I have to watch my back because I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but there’s this one new con so far where Hardison has to go back into his history of music and re-visit that part of his life because he has some musical talent. And so that was a really fun time and I had to actually practice in real life but they forced me to step my game up a little bit because the music I had to play was very difficult. I had to get myself in shape and play like a master for two weeks. Yeah, that was a great con. I love the way that episode is structured too because we do one entire act without saying any words. It’s just music. It’s awesome the way it turns out. It’s pretty dope. I think it’s the second episode this season, but that might change.

IGN: There are a lot of new “Robin Hood”-type series in development right now. What is it about these types of shows that people latch onto?

Hodge: A lot of us kind of feel like an underdog most of the time and we want to think there’s someone out there who’s looking out for us. We want to look out for ourselves too in many ways and there are a lot of things that our team does on the show that people would like to do in real life. As far as these other shows go, all I have to say is, hey, when you’re successful and you do it right and you’ve got all the right ingredients and you put up the right blueprint, a lot of people follow suit. It’s just like how there are a lot of vampire shows coming out right now, because there were certain vampire series that were successful. So for all the shows coming out now that might be influenced or modeled after our show, I thank you for the compliment.

Leverage returns this Sunday, June 20th, with two new back-to-back episodes – “The Jailhouse Job” and “The Reunion Job.”

Source: IGN TV

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EXCLUSIVE! ICYDK talks with “Leverage” star Aldis Hodge!

EXCLUSIVE! ICYDK talks with “Leverage” star Aldis Hodge!

I had the chance to talk with Aldis Hodge yesterday, star of the hit TNT show Leverage. I was super excited to talk to him, because Leverage films in Portland, Oregon, my hometown! I wanted to ask him a few questions about his experience in Portland as an artist, because besides being an incredibly talented actor – he’s also a painter!

Jocelyn: Hey Aldis; how are you today?

Aldis Hodge: Hey, I’m doing fine. Yourself?

Jocelyn: Not too bad. Well I’m a blogger from Portland, and I kind of wanted to ask you… I know you’re an artist as well as an actor. And I was wondering if you’ve had the chance to check out some of the arts here in Portland?

Aldis Hodge: I have. I have. I’ve been to just about every art gallery here at downtown.

Jocelyn: You’re a painter, correct?

Aldis Hodge: I am. I’m a painter. I’ve had a little bit of time to paint. I finished one painting since I’ve been here. It took me about two months to finish. And I’m trying to work on it but I just haven’t had the time to be diligent like I would prefer. I love some times just walking around checking out the (pics) because I get inspired myself. I get to see what everybody else has going on, and it’s nice to see what everybody’s perception of creativity is visually, you know?

And then of course the first Thursdays here which is the little art wall here every first Thursday of every month you go downtown, people display their art at the (rec).

Jocelyn: Right. That’s actually what I was going to ask you, if you’d had a chance to check out First Thursday?

Aldis Hodge: Every Thursday that I’m off in time to go, I go.

Jocelyn: Awesome! Well thank you for taking my question and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Aldis Hodge: Thank you very much.

Don’t forget to watch Season 2’s premiere of Leverage on TNT, Sunday June 20th at 9/8c!!

SOURCE: In Case You Didn’t Know

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36th Annual Saturn Awards

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films has announced the nominations for the 36th Annual Saturn Awards.

Congratulations to Aldis for his nomination as Best Supporting Actor on Television in the 2010 Saturn Awards!

Leverage was also nominated as Best Syndicated/Cable TV Series and Gina Bellman was nominated for Best Supporting Actress on Television. Way to go team!

source: Saturn Awards Nominations

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Aldis Hodge on Leverage: Ocean’s 11 Meets Robin Hood!

Battling through an illness, Leverage star Aldis Hodge joined TV Fanatic and other media outlets on a conference call today.

In anticipation of this show’s third season premiere on Sunday night, we asked the actor about his character, his interest in watches and whether or not certain past characters would return this summer. His responses follow…

On the return of Rick Overton or Jeri Ryan: I’m not certain on Jeri. She’s actually on a new series now [Body of Proof], so we’d absolutely love to have her back, but it could be difficult. As for Overton, the audience loves Taggert, so we wanna give the audience what they love. I’ll leave it at that.

What were his favorite episodes of season two? “The Ice Man Job” and “The Three Days Of The Hunter Job.” They were the most fun because I got to play different types of characters. I got to explore and enjoy my imagination.

Alec Hardison Photo

On how his affection for watches relates to his character: Hey, some people would call me a geek because I’m really into cool catches. That helps me understand how someone like Alec could be so into a hobby, like gadgets and stuff. We have a mutual understanding in that regard.

How else is he like character? We have a kinship in our light-heartedness. I’m not a thief [laughs], but Alec has a good heart and in those ways is modeled after what I’d like to be. The hacking and stealing thing is the only thing different than what I do. I’m definitely a loudmouth that talks all the time like he is.

On making his character cool: Hey, nerds rule the world! Look at it this way: there are a lot of supposedly cool players on sports teams, but the nerds own the teams!

What is Leverage really all about? A group of criminals that takes down corporate bad guys to get back at them for the people they take advantage of. People compare it to Ocean’s 11 with a little Robin Hood in there, a little A-Team in there.

On knowing Leverage had made it as a hit show: I’ve never really had that moment. I just don’t let myself look at it that way. I wanna remain grounded and I feel blessed for how well the show has done, but I don’t wanna take any of it for granted, so I just go in everyday and keep working as hard as ever.

Source: TVFanatic

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Ask Aldis a Question at VRO

Want to ask Aldis a question? Here’s your chance! You need to ask any questions here at The VRO and BlogTalk Radio Forum before June 15th! Their guidelines are here. His interview will be on June 16th and the website will be updated with more information soon.

Source: The VRO and BlogTalk Radio

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Aldis confirms attendance at Asylum 5

From Asylum 5’s website:
Introducing our 5th Supernatural Convention

We are pleased to announce that we are holding our 5th Supernatural Convention under the name ASYLUM. It takes place on the weekend of 29th – 31st October 2010 and we are returning to the fantastic Hilton Metropole Hotel adjacent to the NEC Complex in Birmingham.


We are pleased to welcome our fifth guest for Asylum. Aldis Hodge played Jake Talley in the second season of the TV series. Jake is one of the ‘Special Children’ visited by the Yellow Eyed Demon when he was a child. He has super human strength and is telepathic. Aldis has also been appearing as a main cast member in the popular TV series Leverage as Alec Hardison since 2008. Aldis joins already announced guests Misha Collins, Julie McNiven, Richard Speight, Jr and Fredric Lehne for Asylum 5.

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Two Cents and Five Questions for Aldis Hodge

You’ve probably seen him on a dozen different TV shows without knowing it – from Supernatural to Friday Night Lights – but Aldis Hodge has made his mark as wisecracking hacker Alec Hardison on TNT’s bustout hit Leverage.

Beginning its third season June 20, Leverage has already spawned its own convention and has even been the answer to a question on Jeopardy!. Hodge was kind enough to sit down with me exclusively on Friday to talk about what a ride it’s been and where he might be headed in Season 3.

TheTwoCents: This is what could be called your “breakout” role – describe what that’s been like for you.
Aldis Hodge: The show’s been great. I love my job, love what I do. It’s just a great opportunity to learn and to plan for what’s coming next. There are a lot of great people to learn from – Dean Devlin, John Rogers.

TTC: Talk about having to work with those mouthfuls of technical dialogue.
AH: It forces me to enunciate and speak clearly. John Rogers is a physicist so ninety-five percent of what I say, he can actually do. None of that bores me. I just try to make it as exciting to the audience as I can. Because the spy stuff – that really is interesting. It’s just getting it out tere.

TTC: What’s been your biggest challenge with this role so far? Is there anything you’d like to tackle that you haven’t yet?
AH: My biggest challenge was playing the violin. They wanted to write [that into an episode]. They didn’t tell me how difficut the piece was that I had to play. I’m still a novice with my instrument and the piece was pretty difficult. I practiced a lot. I think you might see that on our premiere night or our second episode.

TTC: In Season 3, are we going to see more of Hardison stepping out of the traditional hacker role like he did briefly in Season 2 (with “The Ice Man Job” and “The Lost Heir Job”)?
AH: Possibly. Hardison is on a bit of a different mission now. In the first season he was like why is he doing this job. [Now] he’d like to maybe run his own crew, so he’s taking his job a bit more seriously. He’s paying more attention to what everyone else does.

TTC: What’s ahead for the Hardison/Parker and Hardison and Eliot dynamics in Season 3?
AH: We have one great episode where Hardison and Parker go back and forth on their feelings. He’s been there with the puppy dog eyes trying to kick in her door and find out what she’s about, and she won’t let him. But there starts to be some understanding, and that maybe there’s something there for her, too.

[With Hardison and Eliot] I’ll just say there’s an episode where Christian and I are forced to be together the entire time. I was excited when I read it. I went to him and said, “I have some ideas,” and he was all “Let’s roll with it.” The audience knows they’re going to see us coming at each other and arguing and fun times. We enjoy doing it because we know what the audience likes.

TTC: Talk about the fans and the show’s explosion of popularity.
AH: We were all very surprised at that. We had a great time. We just had our first convention, which is something more for sci-fi shows, and we’re a spy show. We had the opportunity to meet our fans. We have a lot of people who support us, shooting in Portland, which is amazing. With a TV show it’s kind of a crapshoot, you hope that it works or you go on to the next one. But we have a lot of people who support us.

TTC: If you could play any other role on the show, which one would it be?
AH: I don’t know. I dig Hardison. He can break into people’s bank accounts and steal all the money he wants. Maybe Parker. Since she gets to do all the acrobatics and stuff.

TTC: So no more hanging you off anything in Season 3?
AH: You never know.

Leverage begins its third season Sunday, June 20 on TNT. The second-season DVDs are available now at all major retailers. Go pick them up – you won’t be disappointed. And a special thanks to Aldis for taking the time to chat with me about one of cable’s hottest series!

Brittany Frederick – Staff Writer

Source The Two Cents