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Gallery Update

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Aldis’ Artwork
Events: Various Events
Events > 2010 3rd Annual Grammy Awards with Sean Diddy Combs
Events > 2009 Julia Clancey’s America’s Next Top Model Finale Party
Events > 2009 Turner Upfronts
Events > 2009 Dave Pearce’s Birthday Presented by Pimp My Wheelchair Charity
Events > 2009 NIKE Presents Hollywood Exclusive Entertainment League
Events > 2009 Ben 10 Alien Swarm
Events > 2008 Black Eyed Peas’ Apl Foundation Launch Party
Events > 2008 Turner Broadcasting TCA Summer Party
Events > 2008 Leverage And The Librarian Wrap Party
Events > 2007 In Honor Of Rolling Stone’s 40th Anniversary
Events > 2005 Livestyle’s AFI Premiere Lounge After Party
Events > 2004 Teen Peoples Artists of the Year
Events > 2003 Hennessy X.O Presents Akon Live Performance
Events > 2003 Sean Paul Honored at Teen People’s Artist of the Year
TV > Leverage > Behind the Scenes
Fan Pics of Aldis > @SPN Conventions > 2009 VanCon by Raloria
Fan Pics of Aldis > @Kane shows

We have almost 9000 photos in our gallery now!

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