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Needed: New Aldis Hodge Online Logo!

We need a new logo! Our current one isn’t doing it for me anymore. What can I say? I’m fickle! And the text color doesn’t match the current blue theme. (It went with the previous red one)


Here is the current one: 

It needs to be about the same height- 90 px – but it can be narrower than the current width – 400px. It can be text only and has to have the name on it: Aldis Hodge Online. Big thing though – it needs to be very neutral colors – black, silver, gray, white, etc. – to go with the changing themes (can use black, blue, red, green, etc with my current set up and plan to change eventually)


Please email your logo ideas to admin@aldis-hodge.com by July 25th, 2011!!! And thank you 🙂


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