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New Gallery Re-Design

To go along with the slick new page theme, I decided our fun and ‘funky’ cool gallery design needed to change too. So I went to my friends Sai and Koryou for help.


 “I get by with a little help from my friends…”  



Artwork was done by the lovely Sai using an amazing photo by Micaela Bensko and another one by Mike Quain (with their permission) Then I asked the wonderful Koryou at Reality’s End to design & code a layout that was cleaner, sleeker, and more organized looking.

Thanks soo much, you wonderful ladies!

Hope you enjoy it! I’ve been working hard to get the gallery up-to-date with all of Aldis’ previous TV shows and movies and am only about 6 things short of completion on screen caps for years prior to 1995-2006! All things from 2006 to current have been added (except screen caps from the last two episodes of Leverage) though so feel free to poke around!


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