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Winning Bids for the Angels for Aldis Auction

Below are the winning bids. This does not include shipping. After I receive payment via paypal, I will email the shipping amount to you and you can send me another paypal payment. Please remember – this is important – when making your payment, chose Send Payment but make sure you mark it as Personal and then GIFT. Otherwise Paypal will charge a fee so I’ll get less than the full amount. Here’s a graphic showing what I mean.

Payment must be made by February 10th at 11:00 PM EST. Include in a note your name and address. If you’re paying with a different email than the one you listed with or if you name doesn’t match your paypal name, make sure you note who you are. PAYMENTS GO TO ADMIN@ALDIS-HODGE.COM

If you want to make a direct donation rather than bidding, please email me at admin@aldis-hodge.com before the final payment date of February 10th at 11:00 PM EST.


Thank you to everyone who has bid! Whether you win or not, I appreciate all of the people who donated items, promoted the auction, and bid on the items!

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