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LEVERAGE: Aldis Hodge Talks About the Show’s Final Season

December 24, 2012 by


The holiday season isn’t as bright for LEVERAGE fans, as the series will say goodbye with “The Long Goodbye Job”…an episode that was shot without them knowing for certain whether the end was in fact coming. And while the producers decided to go forward with what they planned as the series finale in the hour, the decision to cancel the show only came out late last Friday night.

I spoke with Aldis Hodge (Hardison) before it was revealed that TNT wouldn’t be continuing on with the series, and he expressed his desire to continue on with the series…while still being satisfied with how Tuesday’s now-series finale left the show.

Take a look at that, his favorite episode from this season, and more…

What was the feeling on set as you were filming the final episode of the season? You guys didn’t know whether it would be a season or series finale…
Aldis Hodge: You know, it’s like this every year. Five years. We try and enjoy every single moment because the entire season goes by so fast, so we adopt that mentality from the first day on set to the very last.

As far as it being the last season, whether it is or isn’t, for us, that’s not something we worry about…all we can hope is we can create the best show we have. If it is the last one…we’re still going to give you the best show we can possibly give, because it’s about satisfying the fans. We want to make sure when the fans watch it, they know we’ve given our 200%.

I remember the first season finale — we literally [said], “This could be the last scene we shoot together.” And it was the last scene of that episode, and we had to be emotional and it was for real, because it could be the last time we [saw] each other. At this point, look, we’re a family. We’re going to make something happen regardless. We just wanted to honor the show, so if it is the last [episode], we feel we’ve given it its just-due. But we’re not ready for it to be the last. We still have a whole lot more to tell.

If this is it, are you satisfied with where your character ends up? Or are you going to be thinking of all the things he could have done down the line?
AH: That’s a yes and no. I mean, if this was the [series] finale, I would be satisfied where the show ended up. As far as my character, I think he has a lot more to explore within himself…I want to keep going. I’d be happy because we gave the audience a resolute answer and we rounded it off well for the team, but I think that my character has bounds and leaps [where he could go].

If the show continues on, what would you like to see Hardison get to do?
AH: I would like to see his personal life a bit more. Possibly see him and Parker on a vacation. I would like to see his family. This mystery family of his. I wanted to see Nana, which there is a possibility if we come back, we’d get to meet Nana in the sixth season. I would love, love to meet Nana finally. Because I want to see where his foundation lies. I want to see what created Hardison. We’ve gotten pieces over the years and we’ve seen him mature, but we haven’t seen what created him.

Totally fair. Do you have a favorite episode from this season?
AH: From just season 5? “The Rundown [Job].” It’s a close call, because the season finale is also really, really great. All of these shows have been fun, so it’s really hard to pick a favorite. But [with that episode] you got to see Eliot and Hardison and Parker away; they got to explore their relationship with each other in a way we didn’t get to see. They have to push themselves to a different level of their own expertise and they had to challenge their own courage in a way we haven’t seen before. I think that’s the most afraid we’ve ever seen Hardison, ever, in these five years. Actually, we saw Hardison scared in [season 4’s] “The Grave Danger Job,” which was awesome as well, but I love it whenever you get to explore different facets of characters’ feelings and emotions and this one, we definitely did that. So that was at the top for me this season. And then the season finale.

Good to know. What has the fan support meant to you over the years?
AH: It means so much. The People’s Choice [nomination this year], I remember I was in disbelief when our producers told us we were nominated. She said we were, and I said, “Do you meant we’re trying to campaign to get a nomination?” And she said, “No, we’re already nominated.” I didn’t believe it until I went to the website and went, “Oh my God, we’ve got a nomination.” And I know that’s really cool because the people have to go and campaign and do it themselves. I don’t remember asking for this, I didn’t even know it came up until it happened. So for the fans to do it on their own, it really shows how dedicated they are to us.

If you think how many great shows are out there — I think we have a great show, but if you think how many great shows are out there, we’re one of the nominees. We’re one of the top 5. From our fans. That means our fans really are that dedicated. It just makes no sense how elated I felt at that moment. The People’s Choice Awards, that’s no small prize. That’s a big deal. I don’t care if we win. I just want to go and say I’m a nominee, and I want to go to the awards and enjoy that.

LEVERAGE’s series finale airs December 25th at 10 PM on TNT.

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2 Comments on “LEVERAGE: Aldis Hodge Talks About the Show’s Final Season”

  1. I just starting to watch the show a month ago on ION, and I was hooked . I now have a special feeling for the actors, the stories, and everyone associated with it . The actors especially will have a place in my heart forever.

  2. I’m glued to the tv all day Sundays, wishing there was more. To see the love grow, each person expanding & growing & every emotion touching their loyal fans. Miss you ALL!

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