Ordering information

If you’re outside the USA or you wish to order more than 1 item or 1 set, please contact us at admin@aldis-hodge.com. Make sure you include how many you want to order, which type (HIT or Grifter), and where you are located so we can give you a price. Profit will be donated to LA Mission.

Pictures of the merch by owners!

Yes – this is John Rogers – one  of creator of Leverage!

All the cast and creators were set Grifter glasses as a gift.

Aldis Hodge was sent a few of the HIT Glasses/Tags.



Yes – even Christian Kane has one. 🙂
Thanks to JuliaHez and AndiGemini who gave him one of theirs at a radio station and were kind enough to send me the pic for this page. Photo is property of JuliaHez/AndiGemini.



I’m working on getting a pic of Aldis wearing one of his HIT tags! Stick around 🙂